I was at home watching TV My husband Barry was away with another tour .

He called me ,and I told him thatI have just seen the most remarkable Irish dance on TV

In the Eurovision song contest.

He told me there was a new show opening at the Point theatre in Dublin the following week and we were going !

Riverdance was first performed during the seven-minute interval of the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest at the Point Theatre in Dublin on 30 April 1994.

After the after show party Barry told me he was going to promote the show .

Since then We have travelled all over the world watching what to me is still one of the best dance show ever New York, China ,Europe

Of course The young dancers have changed over the years but the show is as good as ever We will be promoting it again in March 2020

Which will be the 25th anniversary !Although I have seen it many many times I still get a lovely feeling when the music starts and the dancers perform on stage

The photo is one of the dance shoes made in Bronze which was presented to Barry .

Linda Clayman